According to a Greek proverb, a good day begins in the morning. So at the ITILO TRADITIONAL HOTEL we begin serving our culinary delights early on in the day. We are not just known for the variety but also for the quality of the meals we serve. After carefully seleciing all the ingredients, according to strict criteria, from small, local producers and from our own private farm, the ladies of the family prepare all meals according to the traditional Greek, and particularly Maniote, diet.

Our breakfast does not contain ordinary croissants or processed jams. On the contrary, here you will enjoy: home-made cakes and jams, traditional Maniote lalaggia (pancakes), fresh eggs laid by our own chickens served with local sausages, salted pork and home-made goat cheese, fresh fruit, bread freshly baked at the village bakery, Ms. Panagiota’s famous home-made jam made from Seville oranges, refreshing locally produced yoghurt and honey and so many other good things. The famous Lakonian oranges are used to make our thirst-quenching juice throughout the day.

At the ITILO TRADITIONAL HOTEL, you will find one of the best restaurants in Mani. Whilst relaxing near the beach, you can enjoy fresh seafood and appetizers made from seafood and vegetables which are cultivated in our own garden. The family’s specialties include: a famous Maniote dish with of rooster, crushed olives and sfela cheese (similar to feta cheese but spicier), Maniote cheese pie and wild goat with artichokes and fennel cooked in a traditional oven. These are but a few examples of the delicious culinary treats that make us very special.